Etawah Safari Park is now open for visitors. It will be closed every Monday. Visitors can visit the safari between 09:00AM to 04:00PM on remaining days of the week. Lion Safari and Leopard Safari are not open yet. Kindly always wear a mask and follow all the guidelines for Covid-19. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

Etawah Lion Safari

 Etawah Safari Park (formerly Lion Safari Etawah) is a drive-through wildlife safari park in Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, India and one of the biggest Safari in Asia with a perimeter of 8 km. The Lion Safari Etawah is being established in an area of 350 hectares. Lion safari and The Lion breeding center are situated on the outskirt of Etawah City. Etawah Safari Park has a lion safari, a deer safari, an antelope safari, a bear safari and a leopard safari. Along with Safaries, It also has two Vijayanta tanks of the Indian Army along with an steam locomotive at display. It also has a 4D theatre, which gives you real close-ups with wildlife.

Other Sightseeing

Brilliant Architecture

Steam Locomotive

Vijayanta Tanks

News Updates

A lioness named Jessica gave birth to four cubs at Etawah lion safari on Thursday, thus bringing cheer to the safari.Director of the safari, Amit Tiwari, said, “Jessica gave birth to four cubs on June 27 between 2 am to 5 am in the morning. The
तीसरी बार मां बनी है जेसिका इससे पहले सिंबा सुल्तान व बाहुबली को दे चुकी है जन्म।